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2009-02-09 03:56:50 by Spork-Lock

Well, folks, as always, nothing has gone as planned. Almost none of the things I mentioned in the previous post happened. In fact, I actually lost my internet connection and have been disconnected for the last like 10 months. Which is absolute hell for someone like me who was connected at all times.

I have made no new flash since I've been gone and several of the projects I had planned were scrapped.

However, I did completely redo my website from scratch, so you could check that out. It doesn't display correctly in any web browser except Opera, however, and for that reason (and a few others) I have desire to redo it from scratch YET AGAIN. Part of that is also because my webhost has a 500kb file size limit which is far too small.

About the only thing I have done since I've been disconnected is that I have made some music. Nothing good, of course. I split my music into two separate bands. One for improvised "joke" music, the other for serious music. I haven't named the serious band yet as I have yet to complete a serious song, but the joke music will be released under the band name Smegma Parfait. The band page on myspace is here:

Aside from that, I've joined ITT-Tech and that is where I get most of my connectivity now. However that also takes most of my time. But I hope to get back to music and flash as soon as possible. Nothing specific is planned at this time, however.

So that's about it. You can visit my various profiles and what not to view various types of creations by me. There are different things to experience at each place, so I urge you to check it all out and vote highly where applicable.

Something to look forward to!

2007-10-20 08:11:36 by Spork-Lock

Well, I know that I've had flash for 4 years and only recently have I made any submission at all (Albeit a short one), but for those of you who have any interest, I am getting ready to finally put myself out there more in the near future.

The Lock Legion has a collab going at the moment and I am doing a part! It'll be my first legitimate collab I've taken part in. I'm nearly finished with my part, so as long as the others involved finish their parts, I'll have that on here. If the collab ends up getting scrapped, I'm not sure what I'll do. My part really isn't long enough for it's own submission to NG. But the collab shouldn't get scrapped.

Some other things to look forward to would be... I have a halloween flash planned! I'm still not confident in the least that I can finish it by halloween. Especially as days keep going by and I still haven't started yet (I'd like to finish my collab piece first). Provided I can magically get my halloween animation finished by halloween, you may have that to look forward to as well.

After that, I still have what I started for christmas last year that I haven't touched since christmas. I still intend to finish it and I'm hoping that after I finish (hopefully) the halloween flash, hopefully I'll be able to complete the christmas flash for christmas.

Aside from that, I have a couple other projects in mind that I hope to work on after the christmas flash is finished. One of them includes finally finishing my website =C It's been a long time since I've done anything with it and I'm getting anxious to start working on it. I also plan to start learning ActionScript 3 as soon as I can.

I know no one will likely ever read this, but I feel like being more active with things. So if anyone is interested, unlikely, you should be seeing some activity from me soon. =)

See you then!