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Entry #2


2009-02-09 03:56:50 by Spork-Lock

Well, folks, as always, nothing has gone as planned. Almost none of the things I mentioned in the previous post happened. In fact, I actually lost my internet connection and have been disconnected for the last like 10 months. Which is absolute hell for someone like me who was connected at all times.

I have made no new flash since I've been gone and several of the projects I had planned were scrapped.

However, I did completely redo my website from scratch, so you could check that out. It doesn't display correctly in any web browser except Opera, however, and for that reason (and a few others) I have desire to redo it from scratch YET AGAIN. Part of that is also because my webhost has a 500kb file size limit which is far too small.

About the only thing I have done since I've been disconnected is that I have made some music. Nothing good, of course. I split my music into two separate bands. One for improvised "joke" music, the other for serious music. I haven't named the serious band yet as I have yet to complete a serious song, but the joke music will be released under the band name Smegma Parfait. The band page on myspace is here:

Aside from that, I've joined ITT-Tech and that is where I get most of my connectivity now. However that also takes most of my time. But I hope to get back to music and flash as soon as possible. Nothing specific is planned at this time, however.

So that's about it. You can visit my various profiles and what not to view various types of creations by me. There are different things to experience at each place, so I urge you to check it all out and vote highly where applicable.


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